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Alexander The Great

Wednesday, October 6, 2021 at 8 pm Eastern via Zoom

Alexander the Great: His Career, Character, and What Made Him “Great”

Jennifer Tobin

Co-sponsored by the Hellenic Society Prometheas

The meteoric career of Alexander the Great is the stuff of legends. As a precocious child he tamed the mighty horse Bucephalus, in his teens he led the Macedonian cavalry and before the age of 20 he was proclaimed King of Greece. Through ingenious military tactics and crafty diplomacy, he forged the largest empire the ancient world had ever known, but by the age of 32 he lay dead in Babylon.

While the outlines of his life are well known, the motivations that drove Alexander’s extraordinary trajectory are less clear. This presentation explores the forces that propelled Alexander to greatness as well as the demons that drove him to his early death.

Jennifer Tobin, Associate Professor Emerita, Department of Classics and Mediterranean Studies at the University of Illinois at Chicago