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Samples of Lectures


  • Genesis I: The Priestly Vision
  • God in Translation
  • Roots of Israelite Monotheism: Evidence from Archaeology & Texts

 – Dr. Mark Smith, NYU


  • Ancient Jewish Tombs and Burial Customs in Jerusalem
  • Ancient Jewish Communities of Asia Minor
  • Synagoues in Ancient Israel

 – Dr. Jodi Magness, University of North Carolina


  • How Distinct Were the Dead Sea Scrolls?
  • Women in the Biblical Tradition
  • Agricultural Landscapes of Ancient Israel

 – Dr. Maxine Grossman, University of Maryland


  • Gender and Ideology in Early Iron Age Israel
  • The Land of Benjamin in the Days of the Judges

 – Dr. Robert Miller, Catholic University


  • Priests, Politics and Josianic Reform
  • Temple-Palace Conflict in Pre-Exilic Judah

– Susanna Garfein, Baltimore Hebrew University


Digging in the Land of Samson – Dr. Zvi Lederman, Tel Aviv University


Greeks, Jews and Others at Yavneh-Yam – Moshe Fischer, Tel Aviv University


  • The Effective Power of Words: Incantations in Ancient Israel
  • Divine Images in Ancient Israel

 – Theodore Lewis, Johns Hopkins University


Excavating Egyptians, Israelites and Philistines: Identity and Ethnicity in the Biblical World – Ann Killebrew, Penn State University


The Copper Scroll and Hyrcania’s Mysterious Tunnel – Oren Gutfield, The Hebrew University


The Hittites in the Bible: New Light on an Old Problem – Billy Jean Collins, Emory University


The Hidden Secrets of Dan – Dr. David Ilan, Hebrew Union College


Goliath Unearthed: Philistines and Israelites in Ancient Canaan – Dr. Assaf Yassar-Landau, Tel Aviv University


Women of Caesarea: Jews, Pagans, Samaritans and Christians – Dr. Kenneth Holum, University of Maryland


The Jesus Boat– Alexis Catsambis, US Navy


  • Excavating Meggido
  • Exciting New Discoveries at the Canaanite Site of Tel Kabri
  • Amenhotep III: Foreign Relations & Diplomacy
  • Newest Finds from Tel Kabri

 – Dr. Eric Cline, George Washington University


Writers & Readers in Biblical Israel - Christopher Rollston, George Washington University


Man, Women, Earth and God: Creations of Note in Genesis 1 & 2 – Dr. Barry Gittlen, Baltimore Hebrew University


The Great Flood – Dr. Kyle McCarter, Johns Hopkins University


  • New Discoveries on the Temple Mount
  • Unconventional Warfare in the Ancient Near East
  • Divine Kingship in the Ancient Near East

 – Dr. Robert Stieglitz, Rutgers University


  • Myths of Jewish Monotheism
  • Becoming Jews

 – Donald Kane, Vice President BASONOVA; Co-Chair BAF


Ecclesiastes: Optimistic or Pessimistic Book of the Bible? – Rabbi Robert Aft


Saul and the Destruction of Territoriality – Gordon Cromley, University of Connecticut


The Chemistry of Kinship - Andrew Koh, Brandeis University


A Pagan Temple & Statuary in Israel - Elise Friedland, George Washington University


The Trial Of Jesus From A Roman Historical And Cultural Perspective – Dr. Stephen Rutlege, University of Maryland


The Influence of Egypt in the Ancient World – Dr. Sandra Scham, Maryland University


ABCs of Tomb Painting – Dr. Betsy Bryan, Johns Hopkins University


How To Read the Bible - An Interdisciplinary Approach – Dr. Marc Lee Raphael, College of William & Mary


Recent Controversies Concerning the Dead Sea Scrolls – Hershel Shanks, Esq.


  • A Typical Day of a Young Girl at Lachish, Summer of 702 BCE
  • Excavating at Tel Dor
  • Roots of Israelite Monotheism: Evidence from Archaeology & Texts

        Dr. Elizabeth Bloch-Smith, Villanova University


Marine Archaeology: Tools of the Trade – Dr. Frank Cantellas, National Oceanographic & Atmospheric Administration

Umm el-Marra During the Late Bronze Age - Adam Maskevich, Johns Hopkins University

Megiddo and Ancient Israel. What's New? - Dr. Israel Finkelstein, Tel Aviv University

Why Did Kush Defend Judah in 701 BC? - Dr. Jeremy Pope, College of William & Mary

Era of the Living Dead: Memory, Sacrifice and the "Royal" Tombs at Umm el-Marra, Syria - Dr. Glenn Schwartz, Johns Hopkins University

Celebrating the High Life in Ancient Pompeii - Dr. Carol Mattusch, George Mason University