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Sunday, May 21, 2023

Troy and the Trojan War: Did It Happen?

Eric Cline

Sponsored by the Hellenic Society Prometheas

Calamitous battles, breathtaking Helen, love-struck Paris, cuckolded Menelaus, and a giant wooden horse — Homer's famous tale of the Trojan War has fascinated humankind for centuries and has given rise to countless scholarly articles and books, extensive archaeological excavations, epic movies, television documentaries, stage plays, art and sculpture.

For more than a century, archaeologists and historians have struggled to answer questions about the Iliad, Homer’s magnificent tale.  Did Troy really exist?  Where was it located?  Was there a Trojan War or is Homer’s tale simply a good yarn?  Is there any historical truth in a face that launched a thousand ships or was there simply a ten-year struggle for political hegemony in the Aegean?  

This fully illustrated lecture will present the thesis, based upon the latest archaeological and textual discoveries, that a Trojan War, or several such wars, did indeed take place during the Late Bronze Age. Although many questions remain that have ignited scholarly controversies and even most-unscholarly fistfights, one can conclude without a doubt that there is a kernel of truth in Homer’s story. 

Eric Cline is Professor of Classical and Ancient Near Eastern Studies and Anthropology at George Washington University

This event will be held at Tandoori Nights Restaurant/ 10312 Willard Way / Fairfax / VA / 22030

The luncheon begins at 2 pm; the lecture begins at 3 pm

Troy and the Trojan War: Did It Happen?