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The Fall of Roman Britain

Sunday, March 24, 2024 

The Fall of Roman Britain

Samuel Collins

The last fifteen years have witnessed a sea change in how historians understand the end of Roman rule in Britain. This Roman state failed more dramatically and more precipitously than elsewhere in the fifth-century west, but exactly what happened in the final phase of the Roman imperial project in Britain has remained stubbornly obscure and contested.

Driven by impressive recent archaeology, a new scholarly consensus has begun to emerge about the history of the end of Roman control in Britain. This evolving new history is a more radical departure from the old master narrative than for any other portion of the western Roman Empire in the long and difficult fifth century.

In this lecture we will survey what is afoot in the study of late and post-Roman Britain, and consider how new perspectives on the end of Roman Britain can help us productively to reframe broader questions about the fall of the Western Roman Empire.

Samuel Collins is Associate Professor of History at George Mason University

Luncheon at 2 pm / Lecture at 3 pm

This event will be held at Tandori Nights: 10312 Willard Avenue / Fairfax, VA / 22030

The Fall of Roman Britain